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February 27, 2017



Selecting a Qualified Roofing Contractor

Revised - This Web Page Updated April 7, 2011

Selecting / Choosing a Good Qualified Roofing Contractor can be a daunting task.  And to find three, the recommended minimum number, to obtain proposals from is very difficult.  There are many problems when using referral lists or any of the methods listed below.

The Roofing Contractors that are on almost all Referral Lists / Websites pay big money in Advertising Fees to be there, especially those on Radio and TV personality Referral Lists / Websites. Some might do some rudimentary superficial checking of the contractor's business and maybe the owner's background, or the contractors must agree to some sort of broad vague criteria, but that's about it. 

Again, there is no way of knowing if your roof is or will be installed correctly.  Many of the Roofing Contractors on such Referral Lists / Websites and other Websites that Match Consumers with Contractors constantly make many mistakes, some major.  We know because we have inspected many of their roofs for City/ County Building Departments. 

All Referral Lists / Websites, even ones from top Radio and TV personalities, should only be used as a source to obtain some names of companies that perform the type of work you are looking for.  Just because they pay big money to be on the Referral List / Website does not mean they will do the work any better than those who are not on the Referral List / Website.  This is because no one ever inspects their roof installations except for the standard local City/County Building Inspection, which in most cases is not very thorough.  About the only time these websites might get involved is after a roofing problem has occurred.  That usually is way too late.

Don't fall for advertisements offering discounts like $500.00 off roof installations.  How do you know they have not just raised their price that amount and have already figured it into their total price just to subtract it out again.  Always get at least three proposals on any job.

Beware of Roofing Contractor representatives who call themselves Hail Inspectors, Hail Damage Specialists, Hail Repair Specialist, Insurance Inspectors, Insurance Claim Specialists, Insurance Claim Advocates, Hail Experts, Storm Experts, etc.  Most are Roofing Salesmen interested only in making the sale.  Also, beware of companies who say they will handle your insurance claim and do the roof for whatever the insurance company pays them or the companies who ask you to sign an authorization for them to handle your claim.  Most are simply "Storm Chasers" whether they are local Roofing Contractors or from out of town.  (See our web page Hailstorms - Hail Damage.)


This presents quite a problem

This presents quite a problem if all of the above are not very good ways to find a Good Qualified Roofing Contractor.  We are often asked by property owners for the names of Roofing Contractors that we recommend, a referral list of the so called best Roofing Contractors.  We simply do not refer any Roofing Contractors.

Besides, all Roofing Contractors make mistakes.   It does not matter how small or large, or how long they have been around, or what their reputation is - they all make mistakes and more frequently than you would think.

The only way to greatly increase the chance of having a good quality roof installation is to use our Roof Inspection Service no matter who the selected Roofing Contractor is. 

Using any of the methods listed above is okay to start with to at least get the names of some Roofing Contractors, but we recommend going a step or two further to weed out the not so good Roofing Contractors and the ones that might not be the best fit for your roofing job.

Start by checking the names of the Roofing Contractors that you have found to see if they are a member of one or more of the following Roofing Contractor Associations.  See if they are involved and participate in the associations as a board or committee member.  However don't use this as your only gauge.  There also are Good Qualified Roofing Contractors that are not members of any association. 

Colorado Roofing Association                            
Western States Roofing Contractors Association
National Roofing Contractors Association          

Call Local Roofing Supply Companies and ask them questions about the Roofing Contractors you are interested in using. 

There really is no point in asking roofing contractors for references.  Obviously, they will only give you the good ones.  Instead, ask each of them to provide at least one, two is better, jobs where they are currently doing roofing work.  Then we recommend you go by and watch and ask questions if need be.  You will find out a lot more than you would from references.

Then write a Request For Proposal (RFP)Properly writing the Request For Proposal (RFP) puts the Property Owner in control rather than the Roofing Contractor.

When a Property Owner or Homeowners Association hires us to write a Request For Proposal (RFP)
we always include as part of the
RFP our Qualifications/Requirements for Roofing Contractors.
This Qualifications/Requirements page for Roofing Contractors must be returned
with the Roofing Contractor's proposal for their proposal to even be considered.

Roofing Contractors are considered local if they currently hold a License or if they have held Licenses in the past for roofing in one or more Cities/Counties near your residence.   A Building License for roofing may not be renewed in each City/County unless the Roofing Contractor has current work there or there is a potential for work.  Using a Local Roofing Contractor is helpful to avoid some Storm Chasers who may not have the Consumers best interest in mind.

Using our Roof Inspection Service may cost you a few dollars now but will save you
hundreds maybe thousands of dollars, headaches, and possible litigation now and in the future.

We perform a Roof Inspection Service only.  We do not sell or install roofing products
or represent any roofing materials or roofing contractors, so there is no conflict of interest.

Trust but Verify

For Your Peace of Mind

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