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February 27, 2017



Roof Inspection Solutions

RE/COR Inc. is an independent, impartial, 3rd party Roof Inspection Company.


How do you know your roof is, or will be, installed properly with the appropriate materials
and accessories? 
You really don't know.

Would you like to know the true condition of your roof or the roof's probable life expectancy?

Has your roof been damaged by recent Hail or Wind Storms?

We perform a Roof Inspection Service only.  We do not sell or install roofing products or represent any
 roofing materials or installation companies
~ so there is no conflict of interest.

For New Roof Installations we inspect not only the Roof Covering and Roof Drainage
 but the Roof to Wall Intersections, the above the roof slopes Exterior Wall Covering, and the Roof Penetrations.

With Existing Roofs our Roof Inspection Service is more for where there is a question
 as to how much longer the roof covering will last,
or where there is questions about leaks and/or other roof related problems,
and/or has the roof covering received any damage from Hail and/or Wind Storms.

We really know our business with over 40 years in the roofing industry and more than 24,000
Code Compliance Roof Inspections
performed for various City and/or County Building Departments here in Colorado. 
We have the knowledge, the experience, the reputation, and the desire to solve your roofing problems.

Since 1999 RE/COR Inc. has contracted our Roof Inspection Service to several Metro Denver City/County Building Departments as their sole or major residential and/or commercial roof inspector.  We performed Code Compliance Inspections for all types of Roof Installations including concrete tile roofing, cedar shakes, asphalt shingles, and most flat roofing membranes plus many other alternative types of roofing materials.  Some have used our company when hailstorms have damaged the roofs in their area.  As a private contractor, we inspected most of the residential and commercial re-roof inspections for the City of Aurora, Colorado from February, 1999 through and until June, 2007 when new construction in the home building industry slowed due to the mortgage industry collapse and low City/County revenues.  From May, 2005 until August, 2009 our company was contracted to inspect all the residential and commercial new roof construction and re-roof installations for the City of Greenwood Village, Colorado, again ending due to the slow down in new construction and low City/County revenues.  Some of the other Colorado City and/or County Building Departments where we have performed some Code Compliance Roof Inspections for over the years are: City of Commerce City, City of Arvada, City and County of Denver, and Elbert County.

We have also performed our Roof Inspection Service for Individual Property Owners, Homeowners Associations, Property Management Companies, Home Builders, Roofing Contractors, Insurance Companies, and Realtors  ~ all to their satisfaction.

We have now changed our focus from performing most of our Roof Inspections for
City and County Building Departments (government entities) to providing more of our
Roof Inspection/Consulting Services to the Private Sector.

We provide Property Owners and Roofing Contractors with:

If you are contemplating having a new roof installed, or you would like to know the true condition of your existing roof,
or you recently had a new roof installed or if you wood like to know if a recent Hail/Wind Storm has damaged your roof covering
  - then this is the website for you.

Visit our Roof Inspection Service web page and the many other web pages throughout this website to find
answers to your roofing questions and solutions to your roofing problems.