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Contractor Proposals Review/Comparison


Phase 4 of our Roof Inspection Services

Phase 4 of our Roof Inspection Services is our Contractor Proposals Review/Comparison.  We review the Proposals and all the other documents we receive from each Contractor who submits their Proposals to our RFP/Guidelines and input the information into our Contractors Comparison Spreadsheet.

This service is very helpful to the Property Owners and/or their Board of Directors in properly deciding which Contractor is the very best fit for the replacement/repair of their roof coverings.  The Contractor with the cheapest bid is usually not the best Contractor to use for many reasons.  (See our Finding and Hiring a Good Qualified Contractor web page.)

Our Contractors Comparison Spreadsheet is written after our RFP/Guidelines, the 3rd Phase of our Roof Inspection Services, have been written, sent out, and the Contractors Proposals have been received.  Our Contractors Comparison Spreadsheet lists the key information from each Submitted Proposal in such a way that makes it much easier and more accurate to compare the Contractors.  This will result in a more informed and better made decision process.


Use our Roof Inspection Services for your Peace of Mind.


We also offer our same Inspection Services for the replacement of your Exterior Cladding (Siding).


Page Revised/Updated 2/27/2023