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Roof Decking


All roofing materials must be installed over sound roof decking per Building Codes and manufacturer's Installation Specifications/Instructions and Roofing Manufacturers Associations' Installation Manuals/Handbooks. 

As an example: From the Asphalt roofing manufacturers Association (ARMA) Residential Asphalt Roofing Manual Design and Application Methods 2014 Edition "The underlying structure should provide a rigid deck surface.  It should not sag, shift, or deflect under the weight of roofing materials, the worker installing materials, or the snow or rain loads the roof may have to support." 

When replacing an existing roof covering many Contractors simply remove the existing roof covering and then install the new underlayment and the new roof covering without paying any attention to the poor roof decking. (See Slide Show below as an example of what we have found in the past.)



The proper installation of roof decking made of Plywood or OSB sheathing panels per Building Codes and/or the APA - The Engineered Wood Association is:  

See the APA - The Engineered Wood Association web site:    and their video at:

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Page Revised/Updated 2/27/2023