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Hail/Wind Damage Roof Inspection


Phase 2 of our Roof Inspection Services

In Phase 2 of our Roof Inspection Services we perform our Hail/Wind Damage Roof Inspection for Property Owners and/or their Board of Directors who want to know if a recent hail/wind storm damaged their roof coverings and to aid in determining if the damage is "Claim Worthy".

In this case "Claim Worthy" simply means answering this question:  Is there sufficient damage to the roof covering on your property from the recent hail/wind storm to warrant filing an Insurance Claim?

You may not want to file a claim with your insurance company if there has been no damage from the recent hail storm or the damage was minimal to where your deductable would cover the repairs.

This is where you need an Independent 3rd Party Roof Inspection Company like ours,
NOT someone who says they are a Hail Expert or a Certified Roof Inspector but
who, in reality, works for a Contractor that sells and/or installs new roof coverings.

Also, beware of using any Contractor the Insurance Companies or their Adjusters recommend.
They are probably tied to the Insurance Company or their Adjuster because of getting business from them
and will NOT be looking out for your best interests.

We provide
Roof Inspection Services only.  We do not sell or install roofing products or represent any
 roofing materials or installation companies
~ so there is no conflict of interest.


Phase 2A of our Hail/Wind Damage Roof Inspection:  We visit the home/building/community and perform a field inspection of the existing roof coverings on four different facing roof slopes, if possible, because sometimes hail/wind damage occurs on only one or two roof slopes.  In a community we will also perform our Hail/Wind Damage Roof Inspection on four buildings in four different areas of the community in case the hail/wind storm only hit one part of the community.

Phase 2B of our Hail/Wind Damage Roof Inspection:  We will review your Insurance Company Adjuster's Estimates to see what they have covered and what they have missed.

Phase 2C of our Hail/Wind Damage Roof Inspection:  We would assist the Selected Contractor, if needed, in meeting with the Insurance Company Adjuster in seeing that the coverage is in the best interest of the Property Owners and/or their Board of Directors.

Use our Roof Inspection Services for your Peace of Mind.


We also offer our same Inspection Services for the replacement of your Exterior Cladding (Siding).


Visit our Roof Inspection Services web page and the many other web pages throughout this website to find
answers to your roofing questions and solutions to your roofing problems.


Page Revised/Updated 2/27/2023