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     Roof Inspection Services
     (Phase 1) Condition of Roof Inspection
     (Phase 2) Hail/Wind Damage Roof Inspection
     (Phase 3) Request for Proposal/Guidelines
     (Phase 4) Contractors' Proposals Review/Comparison
     (Phase 5) Mid-Roof Inspections and Final Roof Inspection
     Roof Inspection Services Fees

     Roofing Guidelines and Roofing Building Code Information
     Roofing Guidelines Examples
     Building Code Conflicts
     Areas of a Roof
     Types of Roofing
     Non-ASTM Numbered Underlayments 

     Roof Problem Areas
     Roof Decking
     Finding and Hiring a Good Qualified Contractor
     Incorrect Nailing of Roofing Materials and Accessories
     Hailstorm - Hail Damage
     Ice Damming
     Eave Framing/Trim Problems
     Roof to Wall Intersections

     Roofing Materials
     Asphalt Shingles
     Cedar Shakes and Shingles
     Concrete Roof Tile

     Roofing Installation
     Skylight Flashing
     Roof to Wall Flashing
     Vertical Tie-In
     Eave Roofing Material Installation
     Eave to Rake Wall Flashing
     Tile Eave to Rake Wall Installation


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