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Mid-Roof Inspections and Final Roof Inspection


Phase 5 of our Roof Inspection Services

Phase 5 of our Roof Inspection Services is our Mid-Roof Inspections and Final Roof Inspection.  The first Mid-Roof Inspection is performed when the work begins on the new installation/repair of the roof coverings.  Subsequent Mid-Roof Inspections are performed during different stages of the installation/repair of the new roof coverings as the work is in progress.  We inspect the roof decking, ventilation, roofing materials, and accessories as well as their installation - some of which would be completely covered up when the new roof covering installation has been completed.  Performing our Mid-Roof Inspections results in a far greater chance that the new roof coverings will be properly installed with the Contractor having fewer mistakes and/or oversights at the time we perform our Final Roof Inspection

The day the work is started we will meet with the Contractor on the job site to inspect some of the roof decking as the existing roof coverings are being removed.  At this time we also inspect the roofing materials and accessories delivered to the job site and inspect the Contractor's installation methods.  This is usually where we discover problems and work out solutions.  Generally, the work will require us to make at least a couple to several Mid-Roof Inspections to confirm that the job is progressing following our RFP/Guidelines with the correct roofing materials and accessories and their installation.  Many times, it requires us to instruct the Contractor on changes they will have to make in the materials and/or accessories being used and/or their installation methods so that their work will Pass our Inspections.

We recommend that only (1) one building be started at a time for at least the first (2) two to sometimes (4) four buildings.  The installation of the new roof coverings on these first buildings will take some time, many times far longer than the Contractor and/or the Property Owners and/or their Board of Directors expected.  By starting slow we find solutions to problems, if any, that may come up in the way the building and/or the roof was designed, built, and/or in the way the new roof coverings and accessories are being used/installed; before continuing on with the installation of the new roof coverings on (2) two or (3) three buildings at the same time.  After the the new roof coverings have been installed on the second or third building, sometimes the fourth, the Contractor should be back to near full stride where the installation of the new roof coverings and their accessories will speed up and the flow of the work will smooth out for the rest of the buildings in the community.      

Our Final Roof Inspection is performed on each building as each new roof covering installation is completed.  Passing our Final Roof Inspection will give you the Peace of Mind of knowing the roof was properly installed - greatly reducing the chances of roof leaks or other roofing problems, callbacks and litigations, now and in the future.

The criteria we use when performing our Mid-Roof Inspections and our Final Roof inspection is:

RE/COR Inc. performs Mid-Roof Inspections and a Final Roof Inspection to determine if the new roof covering materials and accessories are installed in a workmanship like manner following our RFP/Guidelines and meeting or exceeding the Local City/County Building Department's current IBC and IRC Building Codes and their amendments and the 2021 IBC and IRC Building Codes as well as current ICC Evaluation Services Reports (or other ICC approved material testing companies), Roof Covering Manufacturer’s Association Installation Manuals, and Manufacturer’s Installation Specifications/Instructions, and/or other Industry Standards - whichever is more restrictive. (See our RFP/Guidelines web page.)


To Property Owners and/or their Board of Directors who use our Roof inspection Services:
Understand that when performing our
Mid-Roof Inspections and Final Roof Inspection on each
building we make our observations and write corrections from spot checking different areas of the roof. 
We do not check everything in all areas and it is impossible to find all the mistakes that may have
been made installing the new roof covering and accessories, but we do not miss much. 
We do not guarantee that the new roof installation will be free from future leaks or other problems
or litigation, but we will greatly reduce your chances of having to deal with them.


Use our Roof Inspection Services for your Peace of Mind.


We also offer our same Inspection Services for the replacement of your Exterior Cladding (Siding).


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Page Revised/Updated 2/27/2023